Bad Mannerz/B.C. Fabrication 79' Chevy 4x4

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Bad Mannerz/B.C. Fabrication 79' Chevy 4x4

Post by BIGHOG » Tuesday, 07 July 2009, 13:52 PM

Here is a youtube link to some videos of my truck. I built this truck with my own two hands. If it's on this truck, I built it. Feel free to ask questions. This truck is my pride and joy. Maybe one day it will earn me some side work." onclick=";return false;
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Re: Bad Mannerz/B.C. Fabrication 79' Chevy 4x4

Post by Mikey B » Tuesday, 07 July 2009, 14:10 PM

Sweet ride man! I had a lifted 79 back in high school.
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Re: Bad Mannerz/B.C. Fabrication 79' Chevy 4x4

Post by White Lightning » Saturday, 01 August 2009, 9:07 AM

Man that is a beautiful truck :geek:
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Re: Bad Mannerz/B.C. Fabrication 79' Chevy 4x4

Post by ma deuce » Saturday, 01 August 2009, 19:02 PM

that iz 1 sweet truck big hog! and i luv the vid of u pulling that ford out of the mud!! :cheers:

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