New Jeep wrangler setup.......might have problems!

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New Jeep wrangler setup.......might have problems!

Post by TeufelHunden » Monday, 25 August 2014, 10:20 AM

Hi guys.

I just put in my Cobra 29lx with a Wilson FGT-4 silver load 4' fiberlass tuneable antenna, and Wilson Coax (can't remember the number) and put the antenna on a wilson stud mount.

I've mounted the antenna to the spare tire carrier, and run a #10 ground wire from the antenna mount through the tailgate, to inside the jeep tub and using an existing bolt, bolted it to inside the tub.

Using the SWR calibration instructions in the Cobra manual, I was able to get the SWR on Channel 1, 19, 40 to 1.3, granted that is using the meter on the radio. I could not get to a nearby radioshack to pick up an SWR meter this weekend. We don't have one in our little ol town.

I've been able to transmit, but my range is very small I believe. I was talking this morning to a truck about a mile from me. And that's been as good as it's been so far. I've noticed the signal has never gotten over 9db yet. Keep in mind I just installed this friday so haven't had a chance to really use it.

I'm wondering if my ground is adequate, or if maybe there is a problem with the radio? I've read the Cobra 29lx has experienced some issues.

There's a CB shop about 30 min away. gonna try to make it over there today and let them look at it for me. Maybe even put a MOSFT final in there for me!

what do you guys think?

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Re: New Jeep wrangler setup.......might have problems!

Post by str8stroke » Monday, 01 September 2014, 17:47 PM

I suspect it is all fine. You will be somewhat limited by that antenna. But, I would think the most limiting thing in your area is other CB users??? Keep in mind you are judging your rig based off of someone else's set up! Yours could be perfect, and theirs could be totally wack and yours will seem to be working improperly! Know what I mean?

Keep on trucking and keep us posted.

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Re: New Jeep wrangler setup.......might have problems!

Post by -357Mag » Wednesday, 03 September 2014, 10:50 AM

How much traffic in and around you 10-20? Best your gonna do under favorable conditions and no Skip is at the very best 10 mi normally 8 or less

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Re: New Jeep wrangler setup.......might have problems!

Post by 231 » Wednesday, 03 September 2014, 23:28 PM

Did you re-calibrate the internal SWR meter for each frequency? You should be. Usually there will be some variance in the standing wave...albeit it sounds like it's working. I wouldn't look for super performance out of a barefoot 29 and 4' Silverload...which is about the same as the Firestik (both 5/8 worth of wire). Typically they are fairly narrow I'd still pursue verifying your standing wave.

In the mean time, keep your key ups short until you can verify. The radio will handle a 2:1 SWR pretty you should be fine. Another thing, keep the RF gain up all the way. Range is subjective to many variables, one of which what the contact is running for gear. So you could be running a very nice set up and he's running junk. Guess what, the range won't be very good.

Give it some to people and get feel for what you can expect.


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